Thursday, June 18, 2009

From the Sky

The sky: Painted bright vivid colors. Powerful and mighty. Gentle and quiet. Sometimes violent, sometimes calm.

Lightning - No matter how violent the storm, there is always beauty to be seen, if we can weather it out.

Stormy Sunset

Calm Sunsets:


Softly Painted Sky

Rainbows - For me, it's a special symbol reassuring everything will work out in the end. What I may see, is only a small part of something greater. If a rainbow comes before a storm it means I am protected, during a storm - I am safe no matter what may be. After a storm, that I have made it and survived, and that good will come out of the storm, no matter what may have happened.

Clear and Cold

Starting Off: Nature's Eye Candy: Small things

Enjoy the small things that make a big difference in our lives, whether it be a tiny anthill on the sidewalk, an empty milkweed pod along a path, the rough scaly texture of tree bark or the whispy ethereal glow of sunset clouds. There's beauty to be found in everything, if we just take the time to see it.

Empty Nest

All the seeds have drifted off to start their own lives. Now all that's left is this empty nest.

Ant Condos Along a Sidewalk

Spittle Bug

Mountain Climbing for Insects